Last week at SxSW I hosted a panel called Sustainable Stories from ‘Disposable’ Content. It was great fun and I learned so much from my panelists, Sarah Kramer, Paul Octavious, and Kenyatta Cheese. (I hope to put notes up soon but for now, the visuals! And you can read more about the data we showed here.)

A special thank you to Elliott Burford for the incredible illustrations, Brett Ruiz for the gorgeous deck design, Zack McCune and Lauren Belomy for the data insights, Allison Mertzman for making it all happen, and Chapin Clark and Jess Greenwood for everything, always. And for everyone who came out! See you next year x

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    This is awesome and exciting!
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    I don’t always SXSW but when I do, it’s because KJW puts together a damn good panel discussion.
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