Cannon and I are proposing a panel for SxSW called Making Timeless Brands Timely. 

After meeting at SxSW two years ago, we’re super excited about the possibility of collaborating on a talk. Here are a few reasons why:

We’ve both spoken twice at SxSW and loved it. Cannon, on the new taste graph, in 2011, and on listening and leveraging, in 2012; and me, on photo-madness and Instagram, in 2011, and on sustainable storytelling, in 2012, (which included some really fun infographics). 

We became friends initially because we were passionate about each other’s work. I was thrilled to meet Cannon at my panel in 2011 because on many occasions I had shown her work at Bergdorf Goodman to R/GA’s clients for inspiration. 

We have unique yet complementary perspectives on the challenges faced by what we’re calling “Timeless Brands,” or brands rich in heritage. Cannon is on the front lines and behind the scenes at one of the most storied retail brands in the world. R/GA’s clients include several with rich, complex histories who are bravely exploring social storytelling.

We’ve successfully convinced several colleagues who will have unique insights on this topic to contribute video interviews. These will add depth to the conversation and variety to the talk.

Fingers crossed! xxkj

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